El Tigre Custom Elegante Sport Upholstry

  • As Shown:
  • Custom Elegante Sport El Tigre Seat Style
  • Custom  (Dark Red) and Coal (Dark Grey) Colored
  • Three Folding Arm Rests
  • Superior Comfort as Opposed to Stock Seats
  • Many other Colors and Styles to Choose From!

Price: $995.00

El Tigre Custom Legacy Sport Upholstry

  • As Shown: 
  • Custom Weathered Gray (Gray) and Coal (Dark Grey) Colored
  • Two Folding Arm Rests
  • Superior Comfort as Opposed to Stock Seats
  • We can order any color combination!

Price: $795.00

Door Works Golf Car Enclosure

  • Fits Most Models
  • $795 Installed
  • No Zippers!
  • Sturdy Doors
  • Great Quality Material
  • Also Comes in Many other Colors

Price: $795.00

Overhead Stereo Console

  • Plastic Overhead Console
  • Speakers and Wiring Included!
  • Mounting Brackets Included!
  • Without Head Unit $299
  • With AM, FM, and Bluetooth $550

Price: $550.00

Black Yamaha Top

  • Same Yamaha Top but Now in Black!
  • Fits the 2007 to 2015 Yamaha Drive Cars!
  • With Exchange of Your Old Top $350
  • Without Exchange of a Top $450

Price: $450.00

Bazooka Party Bar (Overhead Golf Car Sound System)

  • $450 Installed
  • This Marine Grade Party Bar Includes:
  • 2 Tweeters
  • 4 Mid Range Speakers
  • 2 Subwoofers
  • RGB LED Illumination (Selectable Color)
  • 450 Watt Peak Power, With Built In Amp
  • Bluetooth and Auxiliary Input Capability

Price: $450.00

Black Yamaha Drive Seats

  • Same Yamaha Seat, Different Color!
  • Fits All Yamaha Drive Model Golf Cars
  • $275 *Exchange of Old Seats
  • $375 *No Exchange of Seats

Price: $375.00

In Dash MP3/IPOD Player

  • Listen To Your Favorite Songs While You Golf
  • In-Dash Speakers
  • Built in Amp
  • Front Facing Auxillary Port
  • Quality Sound
  • Part Number: MS-MP300C

Price: $299.00

Tan Universal Golf Car Enclosure

  • Fits Most Types of Golf Car
  • Easy Installation (No Tools Required!)
  • Fold-Down Zipper Doors
  • Quality Material
  • Standard Tan Color

Price: $250.00

Yamaha Drive Custom Seat Covers

  • Many Color Combinations Available
  • Shown: Black and Gray, Black and Orange
  • Great replacement for worn out seat covers!
  • $175 Not Installed (Seat Cover and Seat Back)
  • $199 Installed

Price: $199.00

YDR Folding Windshield

  • Put More Style into Your Golf Car With a Folding Windshield
  • Folds Into a Full or Half Windshield
  • Useful to Block Air on Those Cold Days at the Course
  • YDR Clear $175.00
  • YDR Tinted $195.00

Price: $175.00

Folding Windshield

  • Fits All Models Except Yamaha YDR Drive
  • For YDR Windshields Click HERE
  • Folds Into a Full or Half Windshield
  • Useful to Block Air on Those Cold Days at the Course
  • Clear or Tinted $150.00

Price: $150.00

Easy-On Golf Car Cover

  • Price: $99.95
  • Integrated Stuff Sack
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Handy Rear Zipper For Easy Entry And Installation
  • Weather Protected Fabric
  • Elasticized Cord In Bottom Hem For A Custom-Like Fit

Old Price: $99.95

Price: $75.00

You save: $24.95! (24.96%)


3.5″ Backlit Yamaha Tuning Fork LED Logo Light

  • Price Installed: $99.00
  • Price w/o installation: $79.00
  • LED light
  • Almost as bright as a 3rd Headlight
  • Fits any golf car with a 12v DC power source!

Price: $99.00

Aftermarket Formula GT Steering Wheel

  • Racing Inspired Design
  • Smaller Diameter than the Standard Steering Wheels
  • Quality Aluminum Construction

Price: $92.00

Club and Ball Washer

  • Makes It Easy To Clean Your Balls (Golf Balls)!
  • Black C+B Washer Part Number: MS-CLUB/BALL BLACK
  • Carbon Fiber C+B Washer Part Number: MS-103CF
  • Burlwood C+B Washer Part Number: MS-103WG
  • Black C+B Washer Price: $69
  • Carbon Fiber C+B Washer Price: $89
  • Burlwood C+B Washer Price: $89

Price: $89.00

Yamaha 12 Pack Cooler

  • Only Available in Black
  • Large Cooler That Stays Cool All Day
  • Part Number: GCA-JW132-10-00
  • For Yamaha YDR only

Price: $89.00

Red Golf Car Floor Mat

  • Easily Removable Floor Mat Makes Cleaning Fast & Easy!
  • Protects The Floor From Scratches
  • Hexagonal Patterned Design To Remove Dirt From Cleats
  • 13 Colors Available!

Price: $79.00

Portable Propane Golf Car Heater

  • Base Price: $79.00
  • Small space heater to warm the seating area of your golf car
  • Fits into the standard size golf car cup holders
  • Propane required for operation (not included)
  • Perfect to make the cold days golfing more comfortable

Price: $79.00

Yamaha YDR 6 pk Cooler

  • YDR 6pk Cooler
  • Perfectly sized cooler for a day at the course
  • Solid Black Inside & out
  • Part Number: GCA-JW132-01-00

Price: $69.95

Black Rhino Floor Mat

  • Very Sturdy Rubber Material
  • Provides Extra Grip for Feet
  • Very Easy to Clean!
  • Protects Golf Car Floors from Dirt!

Price: $69.00

Gorilla Mat Floor Cover

  • Easily Removable Floor Mat Makes Cleaning Fast & Easy!
  • Thick Rubber Ridges Quickly Remove Dirt From Your Cleats
  • Protects Your Car’s Floor From Scratches
  • Fits Yamaha YDR’s only
  • Also Fits Most EZGOs and Club Cars
  • Part Number: GCA-CCGMY-AM-DR

Price: $69.00

Garage Floor Guard For Golf Cars

  • Dark Grey Cloth
  • Strong, Durable Material
  • Keeps Garage Floors Protected From: Oil, Dirty Tires, ect…
  • Will fit under most Golf Cars!

Price: $59.95

Yamaha Custom USB Charger

  • Must be custom fit into your golf car
  • Works off of a 12 Volt Power Source
  • Converts 12v Into an Amount Acceptable for Charging Devices
  • Completely Waterproof Construction
  • Installed and Purchased for $79.00

Price: $39.00

Yamaha 12 Volt Receptacle

  • Must be custom fit into your golf car
  • Works off of a 12 Volt Power Source
  • Installed and Purchased for $79.00

Price: $39.00

Sand/Seed Bottles

  • Price for 1: $24.00
  • Price for 2: $42.00
  • Easy access sand/seed bottles

Price: $24.00

Rubber Steering Wheel Cover

  • Flexible/Easily Install-able Design
  • Red Shown, Many Other Colors Available
  • Increases Overall Grip on the Steering Wheel

Price: $19.95

Golf Car Steering Wheel Cover

  • Protects steering wheel from the elements
  • fits most golf car steering wheels
  • Comes in 7 different color combinations
  • Color combinations include: red/black, black/grey, tan leather and many more!

Price: $19.00