IDS 1G Model Dispenser: $3,850.00

Available for Test Marketing Lease or Lease Purchase!


  • Generate $5,000 to $15,000 in Extra Gross Profit From Your Existing Beverage Unit Each Year!
  • Serve premium cocktails without interrupting the speed of play
  • Un-tapped market (beer occasion)
  • Portion and Quality Control
  • Innovative dispenser creates awareness, interest, & interaction with consumers
  • Morning & afternoon revenue streams
  • CO2 based technology, no electricity required
  • Trained bartender not required
  • Strong R.O.I.
  • Premium cocktail mixers utilizing standard Bag-In-Box (BIB) Technology

Other Information:

  • The unit is commonly know as a “Tee Box”
  • Designed to mount securely on the passenger side floorboard in most beverage cars

Tee Box (30)
Tee Box (33)

BIB Flavors:

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