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New Golf Cars
Masek’s is the best place for new golf car sales! We have one of the largest selections of new Yamaha golf cars to be found anywhere in the country, with gas and electric, fleet and PTV models in all the factory standard colors plus up to eight additional factory custom colors which we order each spring (when they’re gone, they’re gone!). Come in to our Gering Showroom and see the variety of new golf cars for yourself! These Yamaha golf cars are all new with full factory warranties, and can all be tailored to your needs with a wide variety of options and accessories, including upgraded seats, wheels, speaker systems, windshields, and other popular accessories. We can custom build your golf car exactly the way you want it! We are the area leader for new golf car sales, and we have one of the largest dedicated golf car service departments and parts inventories in the country. When you buy a new Yamaha golf car from Masek’s, you know that you’re buying a reliable product, backed by decades of reliable local service. Come in and see our new golf car showroom in person today!

Masek’s Battery & Charger Tips

Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

If you own an electric golf car, it is very important that you read both of these articles! They explain proper care and maintenance for ALL golf car batteries, as well as troubleshooting problems with your charger! Be sure to learn more about proper battery maintenance as well as view the informational poster about charger troubleshooting and care. Come in to receive a free copy or call us at 1-800-800-8987 for more details.