2021 Yamaha PowerTech AC PTV 48V Electric Onyx Black | Masek Golf Car Company
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2021 Yamaha PowerTech AC PTV 48V Electric Onyx Black

  • Base Price $8095
  • AGM Batteries- $500
  • PowerTech AC Cars Prioritize Energy Efficiency While Offering  All The Power You Need - Rapid Acceleration, Smooth Uphill Climb, And Exceptional Battery Strength And Endurance. You Can't Go Wrong With PowerTech AC Because The Battery Power Is Synonymous With Horsepower, And Efficiency Is The Middle Name.
  • AC (Alternating Current) (Advantages: Faster Acceleration, More Power Under A Load, Improved Downhill Braking, More Efficient Regeneration, Higher Top Speed, Less Maintenance Cost, Less Energy To Recharge And Operate.)
  • PTV (Personal Transportation Vehicle)
  • PTV HEADLIGHTS AND TAILLIGHTS (Automotive-Inspired LED Headlights That Shine Brighter And Only Use A Fraction Of The Energy.)
  • TWO USB CONNECTIONS (STANDARD) (To Help Drivers And Passengers Maintain Power And Stay Charged, Built Right Into The Dash.)
  • FRONT SUSPENSION (Fully Independent Front Suspension For Maximum Comfort.)
  • AUTOMOTIVE STYLE DASH (Our Newly Designed Dash Has Large, Dual-Sized Cup Holders, Room For More Items Like Snacks And Mobile Devices, And Comes Standard With Two USB Ports.)
  • STORAGE BIN WITH NO-SLIP MAT (34% Larger To Keep More Valuables In Place.)
  • CLIMAGUARD TOP (Features A Double Rain Channel, Clog Proof Downspouts, And Still Has The Widest, Longest Coverage Area In The Industry.)
  • NEWLY REDESIGNED PADDED STEERING WHEEL (Designed For More Comfort And Better Handling.)
  • Four Year Factory Warranty
  • Yamaha J-Series Wheels- $595

Price: $9,190.00