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1984 Yamaha G1A Ivory Carb. Gas

  • The G1A Gas Cart Is A 215cc 2 Stroke Oil Injected Engine.
  • They Are Known For Their Ruggedness And Durability, As Some Of These Carts Are 30 Years Or Older And Still Going Strong!
  • POWER (They Are In The 8hp Range, Give Or Take 1 Depending Upon Weather, Fuel, And Driving Conditions.)
  • SPEED ( 12-15 mph Range)
  • REVERSE (Reverse gears Do Not Exist On These Carts, Rather The Engine Turns Backwards.)
  • BODY (Body Parts Are Both Plastic And Fiberglass. The Front Portion Is Plastic And The Rear Is Fiberglass With Steel Framework That Tilts Up For Engine Access.)

Price: $1,295.00