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Used Golf Cars
Masek’s is the best place to buy a used golf car! Our dedicated golf car service department takes pride in providing the best quality used golf cars for sale. Our used golf car inventory consists of two different types of used golf cars. The first type is our “Certified” refurbished units which are built from the bottom up in our shop, these golf cars include: brand new tires, a freshly painted body (on most units), a brand new starting battery (a brand new set of batteries on electric units), installed replacements for any broken or damaged parts, and the car has been serviced and inspected by one of our shop mechanics including a 19-Point Inspection Checklist. These cars feature a “Golf Course Warranty,” which covers any drivetrain defect on the unit through the calendar year (parts and labor). Many of these cars are available to view in our Gering Showroom, and the rest are on-site and ready to go. We also have many “trade-in” used golf cars from individuals or golf courses available. These “regular” units are not marked “certified service.” All used golf cars can be tailored to your needs with a wide variety of options and accessories.

Masek’s Battery & Charger Tips

Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

If you own an electric golf car, it is very important that you read both of these articles! They explain proper care and maintenance for ALL golf car batteries, as well as troubleshooting problems with your charger! Be sure to learn more about proper battery maintenance as well as view the informational poster about charger troubleshooting and care. Come in to receive a free copy or call us at 1-800-800-8987 for more details.

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